To ensure the safety of all our employees and visitors:

It’s mandatory the use of a mask inside the building;

Wash and disinfect your hands frequently;

Keep the minimum safety distance : 2 meters.

Open stores may have a different time than the Center.

Adolfo Dominguez – 10h30 to 19h30

Açai Natura – 12h to 22h

Activo Bank – 10h to 20h

Almedina – 10h to 20h

Aquacare – 10h to 19h

Banco do Brasil – ATM – 10h to 20h

Benetton – 10h to 20h

Beontime – 10h to 20h

Bien Vivre – Parapharmacy – 10h to 20h

Block House – 12h to 22h

BOSS – 12h to 20h

Bota Minuto – 11h to 19:30h

Boutique 107 – 10h to 18h

Café3 – 12h to 22h

Calzedonia – 10h to 20h

Companhia – Close

Croquete Salgados Artesanais – 11:30h to 19h. Closes on Sundays.

Didatic – 10h to 18h

Delta Q – 09h to 20h. Closes on Sundays.

Fnac Connect – 09h to 20h

Gourmet Café – 08h to 20h

Guess, Nomination, Majorica e Ti Sento – 10h to 20h

Gourmet Sensação – 11:45h to 20h

Grow Healthy – 12h to 22h

H3 – 12h to 22h

In & Útil – 10h to 20h

Intimissimi – 10h to 20h

Javier Simorra – 12h to 20h

Joshua’s – 12h to 22h

Lacoste – 10h to 19h

Let’s Copy – 10h to 20h

Look Fashion – 10h to 20h

Mabuba – 08h to 20h

Made In- 10h to 20h. Sunday´s until 19h.

Marella – 11:30h to 19:30h

Maxpay – 10h to 20h

Montblanc – 10h to 20h

Mother Burger – 12h to 22h

Mundo do Café – 9h to 20h. Weekend 10h to 18h

Nails4Us – 10h to 20h – with schedule

Nata Lisboa – 10h to 20h

New Black Concept Store – 11h to 20h

O Boticário – 10h to 20h

Optivisão – 10h to 20h

Páteo – 12h to 20h

Perfumes&Compannhia – 10h to 20h

Parfois – 10h to 20h

Pluricosmética – 10h to 20h

Portugália Balcão – 12h to 22h

Poké House – 12h to 22h

Prego Gourmet – 12h to 19h

Ris8tto – 12h to 22h

Saúde dos pés à Cabeça – 09h to 20h. Closes on Sundays.

Sisley – 10h to 20h

Stone by Stone – 09h to 20h

Sushi Corner – 12h to 22h

Toni&Guy – 10h to 20h – with schedule

Tous – 09h to 20h

Tun Fon – take away – 12h to 22h

Vanité Beauty Bar – 10h to 20h – with schedule

Viagens Abreu – 12h to 20h. Closed on Weekends

Vitaminas – 12h to 22h

Vodafone – 12h to 20h

Xarm Store – 11:30 to 19:30h.

Wink – 10h to 20h – with on line schedule

Women’Secret – 10h to 20h