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H3 NEW HAMBURGOLOGY: a new way of looking at hamburgers.
Our hamburgers weigh 200g and are grilled (not fried or pressed) just as you like them, with pure sea salt, by qualified staff who have passed on 72 parameters at the h3 School. Finally, they are served on warmed plates, or on a bun, to be eaten with a metal knife and fork. This is the way of thinking that we call ‘new hamburgology’.

CAFÉ3 | COZINHA SAUDÁVEL – Chef & nutritionist are 100% agreed
If you are a vegetarian or vegan you’ve come to the right place. We have green things for you to dig into from all sides. If you like meat, that’s fine, too. Here there is good food for everyone. We favour freedom of choice. We have a large range of healthy options, but you can also find potato fries, along with various salads, bulgur, soups and some superfoods. Our meats are cooked at low temperatures for over 10 hours to maintain the full taste and texture, reducing the amount of fat. It’s the smart way of cooking, we say, in praise of those who invented and perfected this technique. It wasn’t us. Our contribution is to make it accessible to a large number of people at an appealing price.