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In Portugal’s rich culinary tradition, few dishes have such a strong and widespread legacy as the prego or marinated steak.

Whether in a bun or on the plate, the prego is seen by many as the perfect snack:
quick, simple and full of flavour. A veritable daily ritual for thousands of Portuguese from north to south.

At Prego Gourmet, we respect and celebrate this ritual like no one.

To such a degree that we have taken on the challenge of reinventing it, of taking it still further, of exploring its limits and expanding its frontiers.

So we have brought together the traditional seasoning with a careful selection of innovative flavours and ingredients, all fresh and of the highest quality, prepared with minute care down to the smallest details, as subtle as they are tasty.

This is our ambition: to perfect this very Portuguese ritual to create a prego as close as possible to perfection. A gourmet prego.