The Fibeira Group

Imosal – Imobiliária do Saldanha S.A., the company that manages the Atrium Saldanha building in Lisbon, is part of the Fibeira Group. Fibeira was started in 1984 with the main objective of investing in property development, and later extended its operations into hotels and services. The group always seeks to undertake exceptional projects and guarantee products of a high quality. At this moment, besides its investment in the field of housing, it is once more focussing on activities that are expanding strongly: hotels, tourism and culture.

The Fibeira Group is also owner of the Palácio Condes da Ribeira Grande in Lisbon’s Rua da Junqueira – which is to become a hotel and museum; of the Quinta de Santo António, also in Lisbon; and of the Quinta and Palácio do Correio-Mor, in Loures. It is also co-owner, with UIP, of the Hyatt Regency Lisboa Residences hotel and apartaments project. In Covilhã it owns the former factory Lanifícios Campos Melo e Irmão, which it aims to develop for a hotel and housing.